Dec 2012

"Bridges Over Montreal" in the can!

Working on set was an unparalleled joy, especially surrounded by great people who showed thorough dedication and proficiency. I’m looking forward to the result!

Shooting "Bridges Over Montreal"

Script (8 drafts): check
Phenomenal Actors: check
Patient and Remarkable Assistant Director: check
Locations on bridges: check
Budget: check
Rockin' Flyer Cinematographer: check
Sexy Gaffer: check
Sly Sound: check
Talented Polish 2nd Cameraman: check
Skilled Romanian Assistant Cameraman: check
Canine actor: check
Brilliant bilingual soundtrack artist: check
Fantastic Production Designer: check
Dedicated Understudy: check
Crafty Script Supervisor: check
Insurance: check
Trailer: check
Jib: check
Awesome German driver and jibman: check
Toilet: check
Equipment: check
Amazing Makeup girl: check
Shotlist: check
Generous and caring Associate Producer(s): check
Beloved caterers: check
Transport: check
Costumes: forthcoming
Production Assistants: check (could still use a few more)
Permits: 2 of 3 obtained
Good Weather: please!

What a process this has been, and with shooting taking place over two weeks, there are sure to be many more memorable moments. Stay tuned!