Adam Kelly Morton

Writing, Teaching, Film, Acting, Life.

I am the founder and main teacher of I.O. Acting & Creative Studio in Montreal, active since February, 2009.

I've been teaching since 1999 when, during my Master’s program at York University, I had the privilege of running an Acting For Non-Majors undergraduate class, as well as being a Theatre History Tutorial Leader for first-year acting students. I also taught for three years in the Dawson College Professional Theatre Department (Camera Acting, Theatre Performance, Theatre History, Text, Studio Production).

Since then, I have taught as a substitute at elementary and high schools in Montreal. As a contracted teacher, I ran classes at Trafalgar School for Girls (Secondary V Drama, Junior play) and the Cartier Centre (Secondary IV English).

As a workshop leader, I have held English classes for Japanese students (Cartier Centre), as well as drama classes for kids (Pointe-Claire Library) and for adults at McGill University and for the Quebec Drama Federation.

From its humble beginnings in 2009, I.O. (Inside/Outside) Acting & Creative Studio has become an important part of the Montreal performance community.

Anybody can benefit from an acting class! They are not only for people who want to be actors... they can help you with confidence in public-speaking, in expressing yourself, and in simply feeling great.

Classes are tailored to fit the unique needs of the participants.

I.O. Acting & Creative Studio is where I teach and work... now entering our thirteenth year!

  • Acting and Writing Classes
  • Script Consultation
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Film Production
For detailed information on group and one-on-one sessions, please visit

If you are looking to improve your writing, for stage, page, or screen, I offer customized sessions to suit your needs.

From the creative impulse, to the finished product, I can help you at every stage of your writing journey.

Individual and group sessions are available. Contact me for specifics.